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Aviz Welcomes Zaid Kahn To Its Technical Advisory Board

Aviz delivers the industry’s first multi-vendor stack for SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) to help enterprises across the globe transition to the open-source NOS. We are incredibly grateful to have Zaid Kahn, who led the transition to SONiC at LinkedIn and now leads Cloud AI and Advanced Systems at Microsoft, join our team as a technical advisor. With Zaid joining our Technical Advisory Board, our customer experience empathy will increase and our expertise in cloud and AI will skyrocket, as we empower enterprises to leverage tools for multi-vendor SONiC deployment and operations.

“I am very honored to join Aviz technical advisory board. SONiC has proven to be the de-facto open source network operating system and Aviz is right there to enable faster adoption”

Zaid Kahn, GM, Cloud AI and Advanced Systems at Microsoft, and Board Member at OCP

Aviz is at the forefront of the SONiC enablement for the enterprise, who is looking to replicate what hyper-scalers have done, and benefit from the open-source NOS in terms of hardware choices, cost savings, and control they can exert on their network when compared to proprietary stacks. Aviz ONES, a key pillar of our multi-vendor SONiC stack, brings new capabilities for enterprises on top of the NOS for orchestration and visibility to utilize information and automation across their entire fabric.

“His experience of transforming a global enterprise network with SONiC and innovating in the Cloud and AI makes Aviz ecstatic to have Zaid on our Technical Advisory Board. Zaid’s insights and leadership will propel Aviz further in fulfilling our vision of enabling global enterprises to deploy and operate SONiC successfully and build out their Cloud and Network AI capabilities. Welcome, Zaid!”

Vishal Shukla, CEO, Aviz Networks

Aviz has built a global team of networking experts who have not only delivered products that are enabling SONiC, but also have made it more viable for using any ASIC or any switch underneath. Our goal is to usher enterprise into the data and AI driven new era of Networking 3.0 by leveraging SONiC as a platform to truly enable a multi-vendor networking cloud for the enterprise.

“Creating a Cloud and AI stack is no easy task in itself, but doing it across multiple ASICs, Switches, and NOSes brings a whole different challenge of normalizing data across all the underlying components. We have already made significant progress towards that objective, and Zaid’s vision with Open Cloud and AI based Networks shows us an even brighter future. I am honored for Zaid to be joining our team. It increases our confidence to build open networking Cloud and AI capabilities, which will be the advent of Networking 3.0. Welcome, Zaid!”

Chid Perumal, CTO, Aviz Networks

Aviz has been helping our lighthouse enterprise customers in several verticals with their SONiC deployment and operations for over 18 months now, both via our products and engineering services. The experience of helping customers successfully deploy SONiC on thousands of devices in their fabric is parallel to none, and it helps us to constantly evolve our products to catch the 5% issues that truly are business impacting. The fact that our products stream over 200 data points all the way from software to every single hardware component is no accident. It has helped us create the most comprehensive multi-vendor SONiC stack for the enterprise.

“Networks are evolving fast, and large scale data-driven networks are the future of networking. The biggest challenge we have is turning the ocean of data derived from them into actionable intelligence using AI. Our products, ONES and OPB, are not just providing a means to confidently transition to SONiC. They are evolving into the next generation tools that will be essential for operators to understand and manage their complex networks with ease. We feel overjoyed to have Zaid on our Advisory Board and to have his help to make our vision of Open-, Cloud-, and AI-First Networks a reality. Welcome, Zaid!”

Gautam Agrawal, CPO, Aviz Networks
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Aviz Welcomes Zaid Kahn To Its Technical Advisory Board (1)

Aviz Welcomes Zaid Kahn To Its Technical Advisory Board

Aviz delivers the industry’s first multi-vendor stack for SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) to help enterprises across the globe…