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Networking 3.0

A Data-Centric networking stack with Copilot. Optimized for Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks. Tailored for SONiC. Works with any networks

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Why Networking 3.0

Generative AI

Introduce Generative AI into your networks

Enable Gen AI in your existing networks to discover powerful insights with our conversational tool. Ask any question – from compliance issues to capacity planning – your answer is only a second away. Our solution is designed for network vendor neutrality and works smoothly across both public and private clouds.
Cost Effective Solution

Slash Your Total Cost Of Ownership by 50%

Avoid unexpected budget spikes and save for AI advancements. Our approach slashes operational costs and optimizes resource use. By specializing in open-source SONiC and partnering with top companies, we offer a solution that reduces costs by up to 50%. Benefit from increased efficiency and invest strategically in your network’s future.
Leading Partners

Harness the Power of SONiC with Leading Partners

We partner with CISCO, NVIDIA, Edgecore, and others to unlock easier integration, reduce vendor dependency and maximize savings. With us you have the freedom of choosing the hardware that suits your needs, giving you the flexibility your network demands.
Upgrade Data Center

Upgrade your Data Center for AI workloads

Prepare your network for the data demands of tomorrow with 400/800 GbE solutions with no vendor lock-in and maximum cost efficiency.

Our Solutions

Generative AI Solution

SONiC Solution

Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Networking 3.0 Unpacked

Start With Any of Our Products to Enable Choices, Control, and Cost Savings

Networking 3.0 Stack

Customer Testimonials

TensorWaveDarrick Horton, CEO of TensorWave
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Working with Aviz Networks will significantly boost our capabilities to deliver superior GPU as a service to our customers. Aviz's ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite) and their expertise in ROCE support and AI fabric design will be instrumental in scaling our services to meet growing demand.
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Through the combined efforts of MKI and Aviz, we have successfully applied Aviz ONES SONiC stack to commercial R&D infrastructure for the GPU service of the MKI platform, performing high-speed and high-load processing, and bringing a state-of-the-art solution to our customers.

For over 50 years, MKI Group has been at the forefront of information systems and IT infrastructure services. We pride ourselves on leveraging our extensive knowledge and technological prowess to provide innovative and reliable solutions to our clients.
Tech Evolution
Tech EvolutionSeith Choulnard, Senior Network Engineer
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Seeking to deploy Community SONiC, we found Aviz ONES, offering multi-vendor orchestration, visibility, and automation. Its exceptional 24/7 enterprise-grade support, with a mere 30-minute SLA, ensures our network operates smoothly and efficiently.
eCommerce Company
eCommerce CompanyDirector, Network Engineering
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As an early adopter, we needed help with NOS verification, orchestration, visibility, and above all 24-7 support to manage our network fabric. Aviz brings the expertise and insights needed to accelerate our SONiC journey. No one else comes close in facilitating SONiC deployments.
Financial Services Firm
Financial Services FirmNetwork Infrastructure Engineer
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We are at the tail end of our SONiC evaluation, and we plan to use it to power a single super-spine in our data center. Eventually it will provide connectivity to hundreds of micro-services running in our cloud. As we build our SONiC muscle, we rely on Aviz to help us reach our goals.
Telecom Provider
Telecom ProviderVP, Network Infrastructure
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We have always wanted better control of our infrastructure and obviously at lower cost. SONiC brings a modular architecture resulting in innovation that cannot be imagined with proprietary NOS. We are thrilled to have championed Aviz's Open Packet Broker. It is going to save us millions.

Networking 3.0

Your Data Centric Stack

Businesses worldwide are turning to Aviz for our innovative Networking 3.0 solutions. Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from our advanced networking technology and join a global community of forward-thinking enterprises

Networking 3.0 Data Centric Stack with Copilot

Networking 3.0 A Data-Centric networking stack with Copilot. Optimized for Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks. Tailored for SONiC. Works with…