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About Aviz Networks


Aviz Network’s vision is to enable customers for open source based NOS (Network Operating System) solutions. We believe that NOS has become a commodity and it should be treated like such, and hence coined the term WhiteNOSTM . Aviz works with various switch and ASIC partners for making Open Source NOS as production ready option. We offer Engineering services, technical pre-sales services and after sales support services for SONiC, FRR and DENT in vendor agnostic manner. We are a growing contributor in various communities and we contribute in modules which are vendor agnostic and enable end customers for Open Source consumption. We also have our own containers and apps which are well align with our vision to enable customers with open source for any size and any type of deployments.

Our team has veteran Engineers from companies like Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, IBM, Mellanox, Aricent and Nortel Networks. We have top switching and ASIC vendors executive team as our advisor as they are aligned on our vision.

Our Supported Switches

Brand Model Number ASIC Vendor ASIC Description
Celestica Silverstone Broadcom Tomahawk 3 32x400G
Accton AS5712-54X Broadcom Trident 2 48x10G + 6x100G
Accton AS5835-54T Broadcom Trident 3 48x10G + 6x100G
Accton AS7726-32X Broadcom Trident 3 32x100G
Celestica E1031 Broadcom Helix4 48x1G + 4x10G
Celestica DX030 Broadcom Trident 3 32x100G
Inventec D6254QS Broadcom Tomahawk 48x10G + 6x40G
Mellanox SN2010 Mellanox Spectrum 4x100G+18x25G
Mellanox SN2100 Mellanox Spectrum 16x100G
Mellanox SN2410 Mellanox Spectrum 48x25G+8x100G
Mellanox SN2700 Mellanox Spectrum 32x100G
Mellanox SN2740 Mellanox Spectrum 32x100G

Our Partners