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SONiC - The Uncontested Linux of Networking

Architect future networks with open-source innovation and proven scalability, just as hyperscalers do

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What is SONiC

SONiC is an open-source, micro-services based Linux OS for data center networking. It's designed for seamless integration with bare metal switches and is a key player in the world's largest data centers. SONiC offers high-capacity networking along with exceptional price performance, and ushers in a new era of open-source networking. It simplifies operational complexity, enhances network flexibility, and reduces TCO, empowering a broad ecosystem of micro-services and automation tools.

Gartner’s Insight: “By 2026, we predict that over 40% of organizations that operate large data center networks (more than 200 switches) will run SONiC in production environments.”

Benefits of SONiC

Hardware Freedom

Choose from over 150 hardware SKUs compatible with SONiC for a network that is future-proof, adaptable, and free from vendor lock-in. This approach optimizes both performance and budget control.

Full Software Control

Give your team the power of full software control, enabling creativity and bespoke solutions to meet unique business needs and drive technological advancement.

Standardized Network

Shift from proprietary Network Operating System (NOS) to unlock network standardization benefits: easier integration, reduced vendor dependency, and cost savings. Enjoy an adaptable, scalable, and secure network environment that evolves with your business needs.

A Strategy that Pays You Back

Adopt a strategy that not only reduces costs upfront by up to 50% but also ensures long-term financial benefits. It's an approach that combines immediate savings with enduring value, making sure your investments today yield dividends for years to come.

A Single Vendor Experience in a Multi Vendor Ecosystem

Aviz Maximizes Your SONiC Success

Microsoft SONiC
Aviz Networks

At Aviz, we bridge the gap between customers, vendors, and the SONiC community by offering a comprehensive suite of support, services, and tools. Our customer-first approach and extensive industry network ensure all-encompassing solutions, empowering you with complete control over your hardware and software. This is why Fortune 500 companies consistently choose Aviz – for a proven track record of lasting success in networking solutions.

Why SONiC with Aviz


Gain insights through vendor-neutral reports and expert consultancy - backed by our proven experience in the industry.


Harness the advantages of SONiC without operational overhead, integrating our automated toolsets to save time and reduce costs.


Efficiently implement fabric management across diverse network infrastructures using standardized interfaces, ensuring minimal changes.


Access premier SONiC support for multiple switch vendors, 24x7 global coverage, and complimentary NetOps applications.

SONiC Community Members

Start Your SONiC Journey In Just 3 Easy Steps


Test SONiC

Validate your specific needs and scenarios through proof of concept testing.



Seamlessly transition SONiC into your live production environment.



Efficiently scale your network to optimize return on investment.

Why Sonic

SONiC – The Uncontested Linux of Networking Architect future networks with open-source innovation and proven scalability, just as hyperscalers do…