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Talk to Your Networks

Aviz GenAI solution, powered by open source LLMs, equips you with a tailor-made AI-Driven networking expert, specifically trained for your network infrastructure. Stay ahead with comprehensive prompt engineering support

AI-Powered Solutions for Compliance, Analytics, Optimization, and Beyond

Simplified NetOps and Compliance Management

Provide compliance management insights to align network infrastructure with business goals, covering security, performance, and inventory. Use GenAI to identify and address network anomalies, traffic spikes, usage deviations, and application performance issues.

Troubleshooting and Optimization Assistance

Help engineering teams optimize troubleshooting with full visibility into network configurations and operations, identifying issues and suggesting informed corrective actions from deployment insights.

On-Demand Business Intelligence Analytics

Offer on-demand business intelligence analytics for everyone, from network practitioners to decision-makers.

Build your own Use Case and Unlock Network Potential

Network Copilot is designed to tackle complex challenges that elude traditional NetOps and AIOps systems. By harnessing vendor-agnostic data sources and harmonized data lakes, it offers unmatched efficiency and deeper insights into network management. This cutting-edge approach facilitates the synthesis of Large Language Models (LLMs) with a rich blend of data, encompassing network operations, business objectives, and insights gleaned from the vast expanse of the internet. For instance, when equipped with the appropriate datasets, Network Copilot can be fine-tuned to furnish executives with an in-depth analysis of their networks' return on investment (ROI), segmented by different applications and network vendors. This capability ensures a competitive edge in network optimization and financial planning, transforming how organizations perceive and leverage their network infrastructure

Create Your Future Today

You Today Partner With Aviz for Superior Tomorrow
Executive Continuously demand infrastructure updates, leading to a repetitive cycle of revisions without a clear endpoint Use Copilot to get insights, then ask your team clear questions with a special graph dashboard made just for what you need to know
Network Engineer Architect networks based on laborious research, strenuous POCs and TCO analysis, and tedious routine capacity planning tasks. Use Copilot for routine research and predict network capacity needs with analytics. Ask for industry trends for design advantages, streamline POC simulations, and leverage industry data for efficient TCO analysis.
Network Operator Operate networks on pre-defined IAC management templates and a one-size-fits-all dashboard for observability. Use Copilot to operate your networks in data driven and AI assisted manner. Generate IAC templates and enable decision-making through real-time dashboards for observability.
Procurement Engage in extensive negotiations with suppliers to secure the most favorable prices, often in the absence of comprehensive data on vendor performance and comparative benchmarks. Boost negotiations with data-drive charts on vendor performance and industry competitive analysis.

Rapidly integrates ever-evolving advanced LLMs 

That is Robust, flexible, and compliant for modern enterprises
Introduces GenAI with your existing infrastructure without any disruptions
Reduces costs by using community LLMs, avoiding the need for internal data research teams
Embraces a vendor-agnostic and data centric approach, for a future-proof strategy

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Generative Ai

Talk to Your Networks Aviz GenAI solution, powered by open source LLMs, equips you with a tailor-made AI-Driven networking expert,…