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The new way for network application & traffic intelligence

Transition from bundled proprietary service nodes to open and flexible

Simple Consumption with Lowest TCO

Unlock unparalleled network application efficiency with Aviz Service Nodes – seamlessly integrating with your preferred packet broker networks, designed to operate on general-purpose hardware, and offering significant savings on service nodes. This innovation enables the optimal performance while eliminating any depeneency on vendor specific hardware solution removing any future budget spike with network speed upgrades.

Why Aviz Service Nodes

Open for Integration

Easy integration with open-source and commercial tools for performance and security analytics.

Improved price and perfromance ratio

Allows for the choice of commodity servers and NICs to leverage available speeds (from 10GbE to 100GbE).

Data Driven and AI-Ready

AI-Enabled application Data-driven networking for 5G deployments

50% TCO Savings

Software defined Aviz Service Nodes solution on Commodity Servers eliminates proprietary part significantly reducing the CapEx and OpEx.

Key Capabilities

Application Identification

Telco Traffic KPIs

GTP Correlation

GTP Load Balancing

Subscriber Aware Metadata

GTP Flow Distribution

5G Deployments

Provide essential metadata extraction for 4G-LTE, 5G-NSA, and 5G-SA, offering deep insights across network types. Specializing in correlation analysis, it uses protocols like S11 (GTP-C), S1-U (GTP-U) for LTE/5G-NSA, and N4 (PFCP), N3 (GTP-U), enhanced with N11 (SBI-HTTP2) correlations for comprehensive network analytics.

Subscriber Intelligence & Visibility

5G-C Correlation

GTP-C/U correlation is accomplished by extracting metadata from both C-Plane (N11) and U-Plane (N3 GTP-U) packets. The metadata from the C-Plane includes RAN, UPF F-TEID, UE Info, IMSI, IMEI, ULI-Cell location, and KPIs such as handovers and latency. Meanwhile, the metadata from the U-Plane encompasses the Packet Outer, Inner Tuple IP details, Payload metadata, Application details, and KPIs like bandwidth, throughput, and latency. This comprehensive metadata extraction enables detailed analysis and correlation of data across different network elements.

Mobile Handover

Mobile handover facilitates the smooth transition of data and communication between one base station and another, maintaining continuous connectivity and optimal network performance for users in motion. ASN is adept at recognizing and managing various handover scenarios, including gNodeB/eNodeB Handover and AMF Handover, among others.

Application Identification

ASN has the capability to identify over 500 applications at wirespeed through Deep Packet Inspection using advanced techniques such as pattern recognition, SNI matching, Global IP-based identification, and L4 port identification in packet payloads. The detailed application data extracted includes user agent, IP information, and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as network bandwidth utilization, packet loss, and latency.

Management and High Availability

FlowVision serves as Aviz's unified Fabric Manager, offering a network visibility solution that includes Open Packet Broker NOS and Service Nodes. It features a unified GUI and APIs for configuring ASN capabilities such as packet filtering, extraction, and data export. Additionally, FlowVision delivers real-time telemetry on ASN health, traffic utilization from NIC cards, and logs for troubleshooting purposes. ASN also incorporates a High Availability module that ensures redundancy across both small and large clusters of ASN nodes.

Customer Testimonials

Interop Japan 2024
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Spirent’s collaboration with Aviz Networks is attracting attention, demonstrating Aviz’s solution to further strengthen the Networking 3.0 Stack. Incorporating Spirent Landslide, Aviz can offer customers more open, hardware vendor-agnostic methods for conducting intelligent traffic monitoring across various 5G network applications such as voice, video, data, mission critical services, IoT, and enterprise and industrial applications.
Move from FPGA based Appliances to general purpose CPUs

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The new way for network application & traffic intelligence Transition from bundled proprietary service nodes to open and flexible Get…