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Community SONiC for Your Entire Enterprise (not just for the data center)

Join us at ONE Summit 2024 and discover the future of Networking!


Aviz is thrilled to be presenting at ONE Summit 2024! Now SONiC can be used across your entire enterprise including the Edge.Join us as we demonstrate our innovative solutions and lead discussions at the SONiC Workshop. Explore the schedule below to learn more about our presentation topics and timings. 


Multi Vendor Agnostic Approach to SONiC Migration

In this event, Vishal will delve into the process of transitioning to SONiC independently of hardware vendors, making it relevant for both existing infrastructure and new AI networking fabrics. He will emphasize SONiC’s extension to enterprise edge networks which integrates edge-specific protocols like Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This expansion not only enhances SONiC’s applicability across all enterprise environments but also tailors it to meet the specific needs of edge deployments. Vishal will outline detailed strategies for quality assurance, vendor selection, and managing operations from inception (day 0) to launch (day 1), and discuss how these strategies can be integrated with current toolsets. Additionally, he will explain how AI can facilitate a smoother migration process, optimizing the transition for both current and future networking technologies.

Unlocking Possibilities with Gen-AI and Open Networking

To operate networks at scale the engineering teams and decision makers collect vast amounts of data from various sources such as data centers and edges. This data includes network and application visibility, which can be overwhelming to analyze and make actionable insights. By leveraging SONiC as the Open Networking platform, which enabled us with a richer set of data that can be harnessed with LLMs to condense this vast amount of data into actionable insights, that helps operators and decision makers to tackle various use cases such as compliance, forecasting and troubleshooting.

Overcoming Challenges for AI-Fabric with SONiC

The increasing use of Gen AI training and inference workloads has posed unique requirements to network infrastructure. SONiC as a Open Networking Platform provides all the necessary control and data plane support to handle these AI workloads and we will propose solutions to efficiently manage and operate these AI fabrics by minimizing the configuration errors by config automation and improved troubleshooting by providing deep visibility into the network.


Vishal Shukla, CEO of Aviz Networks

Vishal has 20+ years of experience in the IT Networking Industry. Prior to founding Aviz, Vishal held various leadership roles at Nvidia/Mellanox, IBM, BNT, Cisco, and Nortel Networks. He holds 30+ patents in the field of Software-defined Networking (SDN), IoT, Cloud Orchestration & Automation, and Performance Monitoring areas. He has authored and published several books on SDN, OpenFlow, and OpenStack technologies. Vishal holds an MBA from Duke University and a Bachelor’s in Engineering from India.

Madhu Paluru - Director of Engineering

Madhu is a distinguished technology leader with a rich history spanning over two decades in Cloud, Data Networking, and Open Source. Currently spearheading the development of a cutting-edge Gen AI-powered Network 3.0 stack at Aviz, he holds a pivotal role in democratizing Open Networking and generative AI technologies for a wider audience. In addition to his role at Aviz, Madhu serves as a respected moderator for the SONiC community. Engaging daily with SONiC customers and developers, his extensive industry experience, spanning decades, has empowered him to train over 100 engineers within the ecosystem. Madhu’s commitment extends beyond individual skill development; he actively contributes to creating more SONiC professionals and assists companies globally in optimizing their utilization of this transformative technology. His leadership is marked by a passion for innovation, collaborative community engagement, and a steadfast dedication to advancing the capabilities of Open Networking.

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Join us at ONE Summit 2024 and discover the future of Networking!

Agenda Speakers Book a meeting Aviz is thrilled to be presenting at ONE Summit 2024! Now SONiC can be used…