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Pioneering Networking in the AI Era: Collaboration with Aviz and Marvell

At Aviz Networks, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing AI networking solutions by introducing AI for Networks and Networks for AI. Our strategic collaboration with Marvell, a global leader in semiconductor innovation, marks a significant step towards driving the adoption of SONiC. This partnership leverages Marvell’s cutting-edge switch technology and our Open Network Enterprise Suite (ONES) to deliver advanced AI Fabric capabilities and SONiC solutions for edge deployments. By integrating these technologies, we address the increasing demands of AI-driven applications, catering to both core and edge network environments with tailored solutions.

SONiC for AI Fabric and Edge: Distinct Use Cases

Our collaboration with Marvell focuses on two distinct use cases: SONiC for AI fabric and for edge deployments. Each serves a unique purpose in the evolving landscape of AI-driven networking.

SONiC for AI Fabrics

The combination of Marvell’s switch technology and Aviz Networks’ ONES platform provides a robust solution for core network environments. This integrated approach delivers:

SONiC for Edge Deployments

The PENS (PoE Edge Networks with SONiC) workgroup, formed in collaboration with Aviz Networks, the Linux Foundation, Marvell, and others, adapts SONiC for edge LANs. This initiative integrates specialized protocols essential for enhancing connectivity and network efficiency at the enterprise edge. Key benefits include:

Aviz Networks and Marvell: A Best-of-Breed Disaggregated Offering

The collaboration between Marvell and Aviz Networks provides cloud and enterprise data centers with a SONiC-based solution using Marvell switch silicon. Marvell delivers switch silicon with SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) to integrate seamlessly with open-source SONiC, while we at Aviz Networks offer disaggregated support and services alongside cloud-native applications. Aviz Networks’ ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite) stack provides orchestration, telemetry, assurance, and support, ensuring that key network metrics meet SLAs and offering insights into real-time network health.

Successful Deployment and Future Prospects

Together, Marvell and Aviz Networks have successfully deployed hundreds of 400G fabric switches with SONiC running on Marvell silicon in enterprise data centers. These leaf and spine switches, equipped with 100G and 400G ports, deliver industry-leading innovation, a choice of optics, and broad skill-set availability, resulting in significant OPEX and CAPEX savings. We anticipate extending this successful collaboration to many more enterprise and cloud data center operators as the benefits of disaggregated networking become more widely understood and embraced.

Voices from the Partnership

We are excited to collaborate with Aviz Networks to enhance AI-driven networking solutions. Our switch technology, combined with Aviz Networks' expertise in AI fabric management and SONiC for edge deployments, will provide customers with a powerful, scalable, and reliable network infrastructure.

Our partnership with Marvell is a testament to our dedication to advancing AI-driven networking solutions. By combining our innovative ONES platform with Marvell's leading switch technology, we are poised to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for our customers, both at the core and the edge.

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Pioneering Networking in the AI Era: Collaboration with Aviz and Marvell

At Aviz Networks, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing AI networking solutions by introducing AI for Networks and Networks for AI. Our…