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ONES 2.1: Advancements in Network Visibility with Multi-NOS Telemetry, AI-Fabric Anomaly Detection, and Data Lake Integration

We’re thrilled to unveil ONES 2.1, a revolutionary network management and operations solution that redefines the benchmarks for Visibility, Orchestration, and Support. This release marks a monumental stride in our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of network management capabilities and orchestration. Packed with cutting-edge features, ONES 2.1 introduces a groundbreaking ONE Data Lake which integrates with AWS S3 and Splunk, addition of multi-vendor NOS (NXOS, EOS, Cumulus) visibility, extended platform metrics (SSD Health, Device Failure detection, etc and enhanced anomaly and alerting mechanism for AI-Fabric.
Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation intersects with excellence, as ONES 2.1 empowers your network endeavors with unparalleled sophistication and efficiency. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a paradigm-shifting innovation meticulously designed to enhance your network experience to levels never seen before.

ONE-DL with AWS S3 and Splunk:

In the 2.1 release of ONES, a cloud data lake has been introduced, featuring integration with AWS S3 and Splunk. This integration enables seamless migration of ONES telemetry data to the customer defined storage nodes hosted either in Cloud or On-Prem, paving the way for custom data analytics use cases. By leveraging cloud infrastructure and analytics tools, ONES users can unlock deeper insights from their network data, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Multi-NOS Telemetry

ONES now supports Multi-NOS network telemetry including Cisco NX-OS, Arista EOS and Cumulus NOS. This addition expands ONES capabilities to manage networks with diverse non-SONiC Network Operating Systems (NOS), establishing ONES as a versatile multi-vendor platform tool. Users can now benefit from centralized network management across various vendor environments, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in network operations.

Advanced Telemetry for SONiC Support

SSD Health: SSDs are considered reliable, with a mean time to failure of one to 1.5 million hours indicating a low annual failure rate. Despite this, they are often the most frequently replaced component in large-scale IT infrastructures and data centers, where many failures are attributed to SSD malfunctions. It is crucial to use comprehensive monitoring to detect failing SSDs, ensuring data availability and preventing data loss.
AI-Fabric Anomaly Detection & Alerting: RoCE-related metrics have been incorporated into our rule engine service, enhancing the ability of our support team to automatically troubleshoot and alert for anomalies in the network fabric used by GPUs. This integration includes interface, queue, and PFC counters, in addition to existing metrics for detecting failures such as link and device failures. These enhancements make ONES an all-encompassing tool for our support team to diagnose and optimize AI-Fabric deployments.

Enhanced Orchestration Capabilities

Network Config Illustrator: The Network Config Illustrator is a specialized tool crafted to generate visual representations of network topologies using input configuration files. Its core objective is to offer users a tangible depiction of their network structure, offering a glimpse into how the real network diagram might appear. This aids users in comprehending and analyzing their network setups more effectively.

Over 70+ Pre-Validated Templates: Pre-validated templates, meticulously crafted to simplify network management across various use cases. These templates are designed to empower network professionals with ready-to-use configurations, reducing deployment time, minimizing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency. Access the templates here: Aviz Networks GitHub – YAML Templates 2.1

Improvised Fabric Manager CLI: FMCLI now offers extended support for multi-vendor environments, accommodating both x86 and ARM devices. Multi-session Support, ensuring that each session maintains its integrity avoiding accidental overrides and empowers users to work confidently, knowing that their configurations are protected and their workflow remains uninterrupted.
Discover the unparalleled capabilities of ONES 2.1 tailored for SONiC, featuring a suite of innovative functionalities and enhanced user interface. Revolutionize your network orchestration and management with these cutting-edge advancements!
Embark on your path to seamless network monitoring and orchestration today.
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ONES 2.1: Advancements in Network Visibility with Multi-NOS Telemetry, AI-Fabric Anomaly Detection, and Data Lake Integration

We’re thrilled to unveil ONES 2.1, a revolutionary network management and operations solution that redefines the benchmarks for Visibility, Orchestration,…