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Aviz Certified Network AI Professional (ACNAP)

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Step into the future of technology with the GenAI Network Professional Certification. This prestigious certification offers a gateway to mastering the intersection of AI and networking, positioning you at the forefront of industry innovation.

Why Now is the Time to Learn GenAI for Networks?

Certify Your Skills, Certify Your Future

Dive into a curriculum designed by experts, for experts. The GenAI Network Professional Certification equips you with the skills to design, implement, and manage AI-powered networks. Whether you're advancing your career or pivoting to a tech-focused role, GenAI Certification is your stepping stone to success.

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AI Certification Reference Materials

Our video covers the core concepts and technologies assessed in the Aviz Certified Network AI Professional (ACNAP) certification exam. The learning is derived from our two comprehensive bootcamps: the GenAI Bootcamp and the AI Fabric Bootcamp.
Key topics include:

Courses or topics covered in the Certification


This certification not only confirms attendees' expertise in AI and its applications within NetOps but also ensures they remain ahead of the curve and relevant in the fast-evolving industry landscape. As the future of NetOps is heavily influenced by AI, this certification serves as your key to establishing a strong foothold in this dynamic field, paving the way for exciting opportunities and professional growth.

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Aviz Certified Network AI Professional

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