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New Product Release Announcement: Aviz ONES 2.0 – A Milestone for SONiC Deployments

ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite) stands as a robust network management and supportability solution explicitly designed to tackle the distinctive challenges associated with transitioning to SONiC, an open-source Networking Operating System. Our comprehensive suite serves as a multifaceted Network Orchestration, Visibility, and Assurance platform catering to the complexities of operating multi-vendor and multi-NOS Network Infrastructure.

ONES, initially conceived as a comprehensive solution tailored for the challenges of SONiC migration, has evolved significantly. With the emergence of ONES 2.0, a remarkable milestone is achieved.

Aviz ONES 2.0 release emerges as a beacon, making a significant milestone in becoming a genuine multi-vendor SONiC Deployments, operations and AI-Fabric platform.

6 Key Features that Make Aviz ONES 2.0 a Game Changer:

1. Deep Insights with Enhanced Observability:

  • Advanced Topology View: Gain insights into underlay, overlay, and RoCE traffic Visibility in AI Fabric with an advanced topology view.
  • Detailed Metrics: Access detailed Protocols, Health and Capacity metrics presented with time series graphs for enhanced visibility.
  • Comprehensive Pages: Navigate through enriched pages for Inventory, Analytics, and Software, ensuring a holistic network view.
  • Expanded Metrics: Unlock additional metrics for devices and interfaces, enhancing analytical capabilities.
  • Quick Access: Swiftly connect with devices through an SSH button in the interface Down Widget.
  • Firmware Insights: Gain deeper insights with a Firmware details widget embedded in the Software page.

2. Rule Engine & Integrations:

  • Watcher Rules and Alerts: Implement Watcher Rules for devices and interfaces, coupled with configurable metrics.
  • Collaborative Integration: Strengthen collaboration with Zendesk and Slack integrations, ensuring seamless notifications.

3. Enhanced Compliance & Device Management:

  • Efficient Device Management: Streamline device management with syslog extraction, Console access, and Non-SONiC device controls.
  • Firmware Focus: Access comprehensive firmware information directly in the Device details, enhancing inventory management.
  • Data Handling: Export or download inventory with ease, simplifying data management.

4. Orchestration:

  • YAML Configuration Templates: Simplify configuration with YAML templates supporting features like BGP, L2/L3 MC-LAG, EVPN MultiHoming, and more.
  • Config Updates: Incremental updates for L2VNI/L3VNI configurations, ensuring efficiency in managing network changes.
  • Backup and Restore: Enjoy enhanced backup and restore options via a user-friendly UI, ensuring network stability.

5. Network SLA:

  • Performance Monitoring: Ensure optimal network performance with CLI Backend support for Packet Loss and Latency metrics.
  • Endpoint Flexibility: Measure performance between any two end-points using ICMP or TCP, providing flexibility in performance monitoring.

6. Product Security:

Regular security scans, robust certificate management, user account management, RBAC implementation, LDAP integration, mutual TLS certificates.


Aviz ONES 2.0 signifies a quantum leap in SONiC supportability, offering advanced monitoring, rule-based alerts, orchestrated configuration updates, and NW SLA monitoring with enhanced UI. Embrace the future of networking with Aviz ONES 2.0 – where innovation meets reliability.

Keep an eye on this space for our upcoming blog series covering these insightful topics: 

  • ONES 2.0 Release features: Complete guide
  • Rulengine, Alerts, and Notifications
  • RoCE Traffic Visibility in AI Fabric
  • Detailed security compliance with ONES
  • In-depth analysis regarding the measurement of NWSLA

Contact us for personalized guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your SONiC experience. Our team is here to assist you in navigating the complexities, answering your queries, and exploring the best SONiC solutions suited for your unique requirements.

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New Product Release Announcement: Aviz ONES 2.0 – A Milestone for SONiC Deployments

ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite) stands as a robust network management and supportability solution explicitly designed to tackle the distinctive…