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Introducing ONES: The Supportability Stack for SONiC

We recently announced the general availability of Open Networking Enterprise Suite (ONES), the industry’s first supportability stack designed to empower network operators to migrate to SONiC. Since its inception, Hyperscalers have used open-source SONiC to manage and control their network. Enterprises globally are now looking to replicate the Hyperscaler success, but they face unique challenges around SONiC supportability as they transition to the open-source NOS. With Aviz’s ONES, and a growing multi-vendor SONiC ecosystem, enterprises can now easily transform their networks like hyperscalers.

Enabling SONiC Adoption for New or Existing Networks


ONES ushers network operators into a new era of open networking by allowing:

These new capabilities enable the enterprise to move swiftly in its migration to SONiC, making ONES the most comprehensive and inclusive solution that delivers end-to-end visibility for multi-vendor, multi-NOS networks.

    Hardware Agnostic Interoperability

    Most enterprises today are diversifying their hardware vendor portfolio in light of ongoing chip shortages or simply for optimizing their infrastructure cost. Quality of Service, user experience, and uptime across a diverse set of platforms are of grave concern when it comes to leveraging open-source software. We are proud to bring hardware-agnostic capabilities to SONiC deployment and operations. ONES delivers near real-time visibility across any SONiC (community version or distribution). Our telemetry agents stream and normalize data regardless of the underlying hardware and the version of SONiC it is running, and provide a unified view of the entire fabric.

    Figure 1: Dashboard of hardware/software components for every device in a multi-vendor network fabric

    Deep Visibility and Control

    No one wants to blindly adopt new technologies, especially open-source. ONES brings deep visibility with over 200 telemetry metrics collected via our agents in near-real time and provides dozens of operational and monitoring widgets that allow operators to gain insights into every aspect of their fabric, be it CPU/Memory utilization, SONiC microservices, or traffic errors. The biggest challenge in working with multi-vendor deployments is telemetry normalization before the data collected can be put to use for creating a unified view. We have worked with our early customers through proof of concepts and early deployment of ONES for almost a year now to bring the right level of visibility for large-scale multi-vendor SONiC operations.

    Figure 2: Topology view of every device and network connection in the fabric

    24/7 Multi-Vendor SONiC Support

    In our experience, the key issue for enterprises in adopting SONiC has been a lack of truly unified enterprise-grade support across various platforms. ONES not only brings the visibility, but also a wealth of SONiC expertise in our team that has been actively involved with the community for years. We have not just helped organizations deploy and test SONiC over the years, but also worked tirelessly to establish partnerships and SLAs with all major Switch and ASIC vendors to enable a unified channel of SONiC support. This is what completes ONES as the supportability stack for SONiC. The prowess of ONES is in the network effect of the benefits every enterprise gets from our collective experience of deploying SONiC for multiple use cases and resolving issues identified across multiple platforms.

    The SONiC Momentum Continues with ONES

    The General Availability of ONES, our current customers, our partners, ongoing deployments and pilots are not only a proof of the our momentum but also validates that we are changing the pace of SONiC adoption on white box switches in the enterprise. SONiC is no longer a buzz, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after technologies in the networking industry, and we are excited to contribute in creating value for the SONiC ecosystem. To learn more about ONES, watch Enabling SONiC Adoption for New or Existing Networks hosted by SDxCentral.

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    Introducing ONES: The Supportability Stack for SONiC

    We recently announced the general availability of Open Networking Enterprise Suite (ONES), the industry’s first supportability stack designed to empower network operators to…