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ONES 2.0: SONiC Networks support with Integrated Slack and Zendesk

Introducing ONES 2.0: Advanced Alerting Integrated with Slack & Zendesk

In the ever-evolving landscape of network operations (NetOps), staying ahead of potential issues and ensuring seamless functionality is imperative. We’re thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking enhancement to our NetOps product ONES – an intelligent alerting and notification system that seamlessly integrates with Slack and Zendesk. This new feature harnesses the power of an Advanced Rule Engine to deliver proactive alerts and streamline incident management, revolutionizing the way teams handle network complexities.

How Does ONES Intelligent Integration Simplify Network Infrastructure Management?

NetOps professionals are consistently challenged with the task of monitoring and managing intricate network infrastructures. The integration of an Intelligent Rule Engine within our platform marks a significant leap forward in simplifying this process. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this enhancement enables the automated detection of anomalies and potential issues within the network.

ONES-based intelligent rule engine goes beyond simple threshold-based alerting to analyze vast amounts of network data and identify patterns that indicate potential issues. This intelligent approach to alerting helps reduce noise and ensures that network administrators are only notified about the most critical events, freeing up their time to focus on resolving issues rather than sorting through a barrage of irrelevant alerts.

ONES allows users to provide webhooks to integrate Slack Messaging and Zendesk Ticketing for Rule Engine

Slack Channel Name and URL
Slack Channel Name and URL
Zendesk Ticketing URL and API Token
Zendesk Ticketing URL and API Token

What Makes Proactive Alerting Essential for Swift Action?

The key highlight of this integration is its ability to generate real-time alerts based on predefined conditions and thresholds. Whether it’s a sudden surge in network traffic, a device experiencing performance degradation, platform health, resource utilization, link changes or any other critical event, the system can instantly identify, categorize, and trigger alerts.

These alerts are not merely generic notifications; they’re intelligently crafted to provide actionable insights. This means that your team receives specific and contextual information regarding the nature of the issue, its severity, and recommended actions, empowering them to take swift, informed measures.

How can Slack and Zendesk integration enhance incident management?

The integration extends beyond generating alerts; it seamlessly connects with popular collaboration tools like Slack and ticketing systems like Zendesk. Through these integrations, alerts are directly pushed to designated channels or individuals on Slack, ensuring immediate visibility across relevant teams.

Moreover, the seamless linkage with Zendesk facilitates automatic ticket creation or updates when an alert is triggered. This streamlines incident management workflows, allowing teams to initiate prompt responses and maintain a comprehensive log of network-related incidents within their existing ticketing system.

Rules: Creating a New Rule
Rules: Creating a New Rule

As part of supportability functions. ONES also offers users with ease to 

  • generate tech support dumps and syslogs for endpoints
  • access to switch via Console and SSH

Login Credentials and Syslogs Count
Login Credentials and Syslogs Count
Login Prompt
Login Prompt

Key Benefits of Integrating ONES Rule Engine with Slack and Zendesk

Not every situation can be addressed with a single solution. Recognizing this, our intelligent alerting system offers extensive customization options. Users can define and fine-tune rules according to their network’s specific requirements, adjusting thresholds, conditions, and notification channels as needed. This scalability ensures that the system adapts and grows with your network infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced alert fatigue: By intelligently filtering out irrelevant alerts, you can minimize alert fatigue and ensure that network administrators are only notified about critical events.
  • Faster response times: With critical alerts delivered directly to Slack and Zendesk, your team can respond to network issues more quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved collaboration: Seamless integration with collaboration platforms fosters better communication and collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone is kept informed and can contribute to resolving issues effectively.
  • Weekly Digest: Weekly digest gives an apparent summary of all the logs generated by Rule Engine, it provides summarized details including Metric Name, the type of the threshold, Device information with MAC Address and the device IPs, so the NetOps team can easily get a clear idea what actually triggered throughout the week 

The Power of Innovative Integration: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in NetOps

With this innovative integration, NetOps teams can bid farewell to reactive firefighting and embrace a proactive approach to network management. The intelligent rule engine significantly reduces the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR), enhancing operational efficiency and bolstering network reliability.


In an era where network stability drives business success, our intelligent alerting system, ONES 2.0, represents a paradigm shift in NetOps. The integration of an advanced rule engine with Slack and Zendesk empowers proactive network management, ensuring smooth operations and swift incident resolution.

Step into the future of NetOps with our enhanced ONES 2.0, unlocking elevated efficiency and reliability in network infrastructure management. Stay ahead, act decisively, and elevate your network operations with our intelligent alerting integration.

Our alert and notification system extends beyond Slack and Zendesk, applicable to any messaging app or ticketing system, ensuring you stay on top of priorities.

To witness how ONES 2.0 can revolutionize your NetOps, schedule a demo or Contact us today for a firsthand experience!

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ONES 2.0: SONiC Networks support with Integrated Slack and Zendesk

ONES 2.0: SONiC Networks support with Integrated Slack and Zendesk

Introducing ONES 2.0: Advanced Alerting Integrated with Slack & Zendesk In the ever-evolving landscape of network operations (NetOps), staying ahead…