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Aviz Welcomes Fadi Nasser to Our Advisory Board

Aviz is thrilled to announce a significant addition to our Customer Advisory Board. Fadi Nasser, a distinguished technology professional with extensive experience in the Middle East’s technology sector, has joined the board. His expertise and insights are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping Aviz strategic direction, particularly in the realm of open networking initiatives like SONiC and other open-source projects in the Middle East.

Fadi Nasser’s Expertise in Advancing Open Networking

Fadi Nasser brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique market dynamics in the Middle East to Aviz Customer Advisory Board. With a proven track record of leading technology-driven transformations, Nasser’s addition provides invaluable insights into Aviz efforts to deepen involvement in open networking initiatives across the region. His guidance positions us as a key player in the evolution of open networking, driving our commitment and accomplishments. Nasser’s dedication to fostering open innovation and collaboration seamlessly aligns with Aviz objectives, particularly in advancing the SONiC ecosystem and Network Copilot infrastructure. With his expertise, we aim to elevate Aviz vision and capabilities to new heights in the field of next-generation networking.

In his own words, Fadi Nasser expressed his excitement about joining Aviz Customer Advisory Board and contributing to the company’s vision. He said

I feel deeply privileged to join the Aviz Customer Advisory Board. The exceptional work Vishal and the Aviz team have achieved in promoting the adoption and deployment of SONiC, along with advancing networking into data-driven, AI-first deployments, resonates with my beliefs on market trends concerning cloud and AI developments. Being part of the Aviz Customer Advisory Board allows me to contribute to this vision alongside a team of talented professionals and industry-leading members of the Aviz Customer Advisory Board. Together, we aim to introduce new capabilities in AI and Cloud — covering Far, Mid, Near Edge — for Access, Enterprise, and Data Centers, by fostering industry collaboration to drive more rapid and innovative impacts of Open Source in the IT Ecosystem.

Fadi Nasser, Chief Commercial Officer, Meeza IT.

We warmly welcome Fadi Nasser to the Aviz Advisory Board. His unmatched influence and leadership within the Middle East's technology sector are essential to our mission of expanding SONiC's global footprint, especially in regions where its full potential remains untapped. Fadi's profound expertise and significant achievements in the Middle East not only enhance our team but also strengthen our commitment to promoting Networking 3.0 adoption worldwide. We are excited to have him with us, confident that his contributions will be crucial in broadening the reach of the SONiC ecosystem. Welcome aboard, Fadi!

Vishal Shukla, CEO, Aviz Networks
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Aviz Welcomes Fadi Nasser- CCO, to Our Customer Advisory Board

Aviz Welcomes Fadi Nasser to Our Advisory Board

Aviz is thrilled to announce a significant addition to our Customer Advisory Board. Fadi Nasser, a distinguished technology professional with…