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AI Networking Fabric with SONiC: The Future

In recent times, the conversation around AI infrastructure has intensified, with leading companies globally gearing up to enhance their AI clusters in anticipation of the skyrocketing AI traffic in the years to come. Amidst this surge, the dialogue often turns towards the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AI workloads, challenging the traditional reliance on public clouds due to total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations.

Why is SONiC becoming the preferred choice for AI networking fabric?

As a leader at Aviz, I’ve gained insights into the strategies of switching vendors and how customers respond to them. Generally, customers aim to achieve the following high-level goals, and SONiC aligns perfectly with these objectives:

  • Open Choices, Control, and Cost Savings: SONiC brings the 3Cs: Choices, Control, and Cost Savings. It breaks free from vendor lock-in, empowers network control (akin to Linux for computing), and offers significant savings for all other Opex and CapEx investments – including GPU investments or app development redirection.
  • Accelerated Deployment: In the fast-paced AI landscape, switch ASIC vendors race to develop chips optimized for AI traffic. SONiC, more often is the first NOS which gets ported onto these new ASICs due to its wide usage by hyperscalers, this priority of SONiC porting ensures swift access to the latest ASIC technology along with vendor-independently.
  • Network Innovation by using the data: Concerns about GPU cycle cost-effectiveness and network bottlenecks are common. However, SONiC’s open-source, microservices architecture makes it easier to customize your network to synergize with GPU cycles, fostering network-based innovations. The biggest advantage is to easily get the normalized data set where-in you can use the AI to manage your AI Networking fabric. That is only possible if you have a vendor agnostic normalized data. SONiC provides you that foundation where you can use AI to manage your AI fabric in future.

Aviz, in collaboration with industry giants like NVIDIA, Cisco, Edgecore, Wistron, and Celestica, stands at the forefront of AI fabric innovations. SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) is emerging as the optimal choice for AI networking fabric due to its deep integration with leading partners and transformative capabilities.

3 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for SONiC-Based AI Networking

Customers who have successfully deployed SONiC for their AI fabrics share several common reasons for choosing SONiC, including conducting rapid PoCs and swiftly transitioning to production. The urgency for adopting SONiC in AI infrastructure is highlighted by several converging trends:

  • Alignment with GenAI Revolution: The SONiC revolution dovetails perfectly with the rapid advancements in Generative AI (GenAI), offering a robust and scalable networking foundation that can adapt to the evolving requirements of AI workloads.
  • Readiness for Multi-Tenancy: With the necessary protocols for supporting multi-tenancy already in place, SONiC is poised to accommodate the complex networking demands of today’s AI-driven environments, ensuring efficient resource allocation and isolation.
  • Future-proof Networking for you AI Workloads: With support for speeds up to 800GbE, SONiC is at the forefront of networking technology, designed to handle the intensive data throughput required by AI applications. Industry leaders like Cisco, Broadcom, Marvell and NVIDIA are championing SONiC’s capabilities, highlighting its suitability for the most demanding AI tasks.

SONiC Solution Selection: 3 Key Steps for Making the Right Choice

Open-source-based solutions can sometimes be confusing, especially when most hardware vendors offer their own legacy solutions alongside open-source options, with an obvious inclination towards locking you into their legacy systems. Selecting the appropriate SONiC solution requires a careful assessment of your needs and the capabilities of the available offerings:

  • Opt for Open Source and Proven Solutions: An open-source, well-tested SONiC solution guarantees transparency and flexibility. Closed-source options might not offer the full benefits of SONiC, relegating them to the same status as proprietary systems.
  • Demand Comprehensive End-to-End Testing: Ensure the solution has undergone rigorous end-to-end testing, covering your specific traffic types and simulated scenarios. This step is crucial for verifying the solution’s reliability and performance in real-world conditions.
  • Seek Multi-Vendor Compatibility: A true SONiC solution should support a broad ecosystem, offering seamless integration and compatibility with hardware from various vendors. This flexibility ensures that your networking infrastructure can evolve alongside your AI initiatives without being hindered by vendor lock-in.

Starting by Leveraging SONiC Ecosystem with Aviz Networks

Another challenge with open source is determining how and where to test the end-to-end solution and evaluate each option using a consistent standard. This process should be straightforward, cost-free, and quick. Starting your SONiC journey with a community lab created by all leading vendors and Aviz Networks means becoming part of an ecosystem designed for inclusivity and extensive support:

  • Embrace a Comprehensive Ecosystem: Aviz Networks champions a holistic approach to SONiC adoption, bringing together diverse hardware vendors to create a unified and robust AI networking fabric. This ecosystem is designed to support the varied and dynamic needs of AI applications.
  • Leverage the ONE Center for Evaluation: Aviz ONE Center serves as a hub for customers to evaluate various SONiC solutions in a real-world, multi-vendor environment. This facility allows for hands-on testing and comparison, ensuring that you can make informed decisions without any initial investment.
  • Seamless Proof of Concept: Start your SONiC deployment journey with a straightforward Proof of Concept (PoC) phase at our ONE Center. This phase allows you to experience the capabilities of SONiC firsthand, ensuring that the solution meets your specific requirements before committing to a full-scale deployment.

What’s Next?

Interested in diving deeper? Join a conversation with our customers and discover how Aviz Networks has facilitated successful RoCE-based deployments leveraging SONiC. Explore the various options available and understand the cost implications. In these transformative times, Aviz Networks, alongside our vibrant partner ecosystem, is dedicated to mainstreaming SONiC as the networking OS of choice, mirroring Linux’s success in the operating systems domain.

Seize the opportunity to shape the future of networking. Contact us now to start the conversation and embark on your journey towards unparalleled networking performance and efficiency!

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AI Networking Fabric with SONiC The Future

AI Networking Fabric with SONiC: The Future

In recent times, the conversation around AI infrastructure has intensified, with leading companies globally gearing up to enhance their AI…