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Aviz Networks Joins SONiC Foundation’s New PENS Workgroup to Revolutionize Enterprise Edge Networks

Aviz Networks will deploy its Networking 3.0 stack, optimized for SONiC, to enhance edge networks, providing robust, round-the-clock SLA-backed support

[California, 30-Apr] –  In a pivotal collaboration set to advance the evolution of enterprise edge networks, Aviz Networks today announced it has joined the SONiC Foundation’s new PoE Edge Networks with SONiC (PENS) Workgroup.

The new PENS workgroup, previously announced by the SONiC Foundation, will maintain a special focus on network edge deployments supporting edge devices, users and key access switching capabilities, such as PoE (Power over Ethernet). The PENS initiative will leverage the strengths of open source networking to offer unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and multi-vendor support, to extend  SONiC scalability in edge environments. The importance of the PENS workgroup has been underlined by Dave Temkin, VP of Walmart, in his Keynote during the ONE summit.

Executive Quotes:

75% of switches are PoE enabled. We're seeing over 700,000+ PoE ports and more than 5MW+ of PoE power delivered to devices per week. This underscores the critical role of PoE in modern network infrastructure and the need for initiatives like PENS to enhance and expand these capabilities.

Integrating SONiC's open-source innovations into the enterprise edge leverages SONiC’s thriving ecosystem for connectivity requirements of business. These include better-connecting employees, aggregation of traffic, and support of connected IoT devices. Our collaboration with leading vendors and the Linux Foundation as part of the SONiC community underscores our dedication to providing open, scalable, and efficient networking solutions across the entire range of needs.

SONiC is an open source networking project under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, and has quickly become the go-to choice for cloud-scale and data center networks.  Community collaboration from this new workgroup, including contributions from Aviz Networks and other community partners, will revolutionize enterprise edge (LAN) deployments. This initiative marks a significant expansion in how such networks are designed, managed, and scaled, leveraging collective expertise to foster innovation and transformation in network infrastructure.

We are proud to support the new PENS workgroup, a keystone initiative addressing enterprise networks as part of the greater SONiC project. By bringing together diverse expertise from Aviz Networks, switch manufacturers, and other key stakeholders, we are setting new levels for innovation in edge computing across open and scalable network solutions.

Aviz is committed to collaborating with SONiC’s diverse group of stakeholders as part of its SONiC Foundation membership, including network operators, hardware vendors, software developers, and end users, to ensure the developed solutions are comprehensive and adaptable.

Perspectives from Vendors Joining the Workgroup:

We are excited to join the PENS workgroup and contribute our expertise in hardware design to ensure that SONiC can meet the specific requirements of edge network deployments.

Collaborating on this project allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with edge networking, bringing the benefits of SONiC's open-source approach to more users and use cases.

For more information about the SONiC workgroup for edge deployments or to learn how to participate, please visit here!

Aviz Networks

About Aviz Networks:

Aviz offers Networking 3.0, a data-centric stack which is vendor agnostic and supports multiple ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, LLMs, and integrates seamlessly with AI and security applications. It is designed for open-source networking and works with existing network infrastructures, ensuring a seamless transition. Aviz empowers customers to choose their solutions without vendor lock-in, offering an enterprise-grade experience across a multi-vendor ecosystem. Founded in 2021 with backing from prominent investors including Moment Ventures, Accton, Cisco Investments, Wistron, and key angel investors. Aviz is your partner in building open, cloud, and AI-first networks that prioritize choice, control, and cost savings.

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Aviz Networks Joins SONiC Foundation’s New PENS Workgroup to Revolutionize Enterprise Edge Networks

Aviz Networks will deploy its Networking 3.0 stack, optimized for SONiC, to enhance edge networks, providing robust, round-the-clock SLA-backed support…