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Networking 3.0

Choices. Control. Cost Savings.

Aviz offers Networking 3.0, a data-centric stack which is vendor agnostic and supports multiple ASICs, switches, Network Operating System (NOS), clouds, LLMs, and integrates seamlessly with existing AI and security applications. Aviz data-centric stack is designed for open-source networking and integrates with existing network infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition. Aviz empowers customers to choose their solutions without vendor lock-in, offering an enterprise-grade experience across a multi-vendor ecosystem. Aviz is your partner in building open, cloud, and AI-first networks that prioritize choice, control, and cost savings.

Beyond the Horizon

Networking 3.0

As we usher in the era of Networking 3.0, it’s pivotal to understand the transformative journey from Networking 1.0 through Networking 2.0 to today. Networking 1.0 was characterized by high vendor dependency, with network management confined to vendor-specific tools, leading to significant costs and limited flexibility. The evolution to Networking 2.0 introduced a medium level of vendor dependency with the advent of Template Driven IAC (Infrastructure as Code) and observability, improving support but still encapsulating within vendor silos. Networking 3.0, championed by Aviz Networks, marks a revolutionary step forward, drastically reducing vendor dependency and cutting costs. By introducing an AI-Driven Network Copilot™ for network management while still enabling templates for a pragmatic transition, Aviz Networks paves the way for a new era of networking.

Networking 3.0 Stack Unpacked

Network Like Hyperscalers

Data-Centric networking stack with a Copilot. Designed for Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks. Start With Any of Our Products to Enable Choices, Control, and Cost Savings

The Networking 3.0 stack is a comprehensive and innovative networking stack designed to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures. Our stack includes both SONiC and non-SONiC solutions, offering versatility across various vendor platforms.

The foundation of the stack is our  FTAS, a product aimed at qualifying SONiC-based solutions through rigorous testing to ensure quality for customer use cases. Building on FTAS, the ONES offers network operations solutions that provide orchestration, visibility, and AI Fabric functionalities such as RoCE, along with 24x7x365 SONiC support. ONES enhances network management through orchestration that simplifies configuring multi-vendor devices, observability with in-depth telemetry across platforms, performance monitoring with ultra-precise latency measurements, and anomaly detection with real-time alerts.

The OPB offers advanced visibility capabilities. OPB modernizes network traffic monitoring with a software-driven approach using the SONiC (NOS). It can work on both NVIDIA and Broadcom ASICs, providing advanced filtering, packet replication, and load balancing.

Together, these components offer a unified solution that not only manages network infrastructure data, but also provides application-aware data insights culminating in a customizable data lake solution. The GenAI-based Network Copilot™ further advances this stack by leveraging AI to enhance network management and operations.

Network CopilotTM

Introduce GenAI in your Networks

Network Copilot™ by Aviz Networks offers a transformative solution for modern networking, leveraging open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) to introduce generative AI across any switch, network operating system, or cloud environment. This innovative approach ensures that customers own their data in the way they prefer. It is cost-effective, vendor-neutral, and compatible with both public and private clouds, addressing budget concerns without sacrificing innovation. Network Copilot™ is vendor-agnostic, flexible, and designed to provide long-term ROI.

Network Copilot™ stands out for its ability as a conversational AI, facilitating easy interaction in multiple languages (English, Japanese, and others). It assists in advanced network management capabilities, including orchestration, compliance monitoring, capacity planning, troubleshooting, and business intelligence analytics, all tailored to enhance operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Customers can also create their own use cases with prompt engineering as a service option provided by Aviz Networks.

Open Networking Enterprise Suite

Deploy SONiC with High Confidence

ONES is a comprehensive solution developed by Aviz Networks, aimed at facilitating the deployment and management of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) across diverse network environments. It is designed to lower total cost of ownership and support the creation of AI-ready network infrastructures, offering a blend of services to enhance network performance and simplify operations for businesses transitioning to open networking. It is designed for SONiC but it works with other Networks as well.

ONES offers a range of features designed to enhance network management and efficiency. These include 24/7 expert support for immediate assistance, multi-vendor orchestration to streamline operations across different vendors, advanced observability tools for in-depth network performance monitoring, and incident response systems to quickly address and resolve network issues. These features collectively aim to simplify network management, improve operational efficiency, and prepare networks for future advancements in technology.

Ready to Deploy

SONiC Solutions

Aviz provides comprehensive SONiC solutions tailored for AI Fabric, Data Center, and Edge deployments, encompassing a wide range of protocols such as IP-CLOS, EVPN-VXLAN, L2LS, MLAG, RoCEv2, 802.1x, PFC, ECN, Adaptive Routing, Layer 2, Routing on Host, POE, and Smart ECMP.

The ready-to-deploy solution comes with simplified network management facilitated by advanced tools like Infrastructure as Code (IAC) for efficient orchestration, observability tools for clear insights, and the innovative Network Copilot™ powered by Generative AI for streamlined management. Aviz also ensures quality and support, providing detailed reports, ready-to-use templates for seamless operations, and reliable 24×7 support with quick response times. For organizations seeking to evaluate and implement SONiC solutions, Aviz simplifies the process from proof of concept to vendor selection, ensuring a smooth transition to deployment with expert guidance and post-deployment support for enterprise-grade needs.

Open Packet Broker

Save Big

Aviz innovative approach to redefining network packet brokers and enhancing network visibility, built on an open-source foundation, enables customers to repurpose their existing switch hardware or choose from a variety of options to minimize costs. This software-defined solution is revolutionizing current network designs for the future.

The solution comes as a set of Packet Broker NOS, which can operate on multiple switch vendor hardware. Leveraging the SONiC foundation allows it to function on SKUs supported by SONiC.

Aviz solutions approach facilitates the deployment of out-of-the-box solutions with a fabric manager, along with service nodes capable of performing application-level analytics and deep inspections into metadata. This enables Telco-grade use cases for 4G and 5G deployments. The solution has been deployed in multiple F100 Telcos, Data Centers, and other use cases.

Service Nodes

Transition from bundled proprietary service nodes to open and flexible

Networking 3.0 stack is revolutionizing the telecom industry with its groundbreaking introduction of sophisticated service nodes tailored for applications and 5G GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) use cases. This enhancement to the Networking 3.0 stack provides deeper, more accurate data analytics, empowering global and regional telecom carriers to offer highly personalized 5G services and introduce innovative mobile services. By integrating these advanced service nodes into its comprehensive network visibility deployments, Telco customers can now get an easy entry point to start on the journey of the Networking 3.0 stack.

Renovating your packet broker networks and service nodes is a great place to start when thinking about deploying a future-proof, vendor-agnostic network infrastructure. For Telco customers service nodes are the easiest and best deployment to start. It offers all the functionalities as compared to any incumbent 5G service appliance such as: Application Identification swiftly pinpoints and analyzes application-specific GTP-U traffic, ensuring optimal service delivery. Telco Traffic KPIs delve into performance analytics, covering Throughput/Bandwidth, Latency, and Packet Loss across different network planes, crucial for maintaining high-quality voice and data services. GTP User Correlation offers advanced analysis for LTE and 5G-NSA, using protocols like S11 and S1-U for smarter subscriber monitoring. GTP Load Balancing dynamically adjusts network capacity to meet fluctuating demand, ensuring seamless user experiences. Lastly, Subscriber Aware Metadata provides essential insights into user behavior and network usage with data on IMSI, IMEI, and cell locations, enabling more targeted and efficient network management. These features collectively empower telecom operators to harness the full potential of 5G technology.

Fabric Test

Automation Suite

FTAS is a virtual machine containing an extensive array of test cases. FTAS aims to validate essential features and functions of SONiC NOS for Fabric Deployment Readiness. The test cases focus on qualifying the fabric across functions, features, scale, day-2 operations, and chaos scenarios. FTAS evolves continuously, incorporating customer feedback and integrating new features from the latest SONiC releases. It is offered as part of Aviz ONE Center and can do switch qualification for your specific use cases in hours, while also providing an ongoing CI/CD automation for your ongoing SONiC deployments.

Aviz Networks is reshaping the networking world with its groundbreaking Networking 3.0 stack. Our solutions, data-centric and vendor-agnostic, clear the path for open, cloud, AI-first networks. We’re tearing down traditional vendor lock-in barriers, granting businesses the power to choose what fits best—boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and driving tech advancement.


Networking 3.0 Choices. Control. Cost Savings. Aviz offers Networking 3.0, a data-centric stack which is vendor agnostic and supports multiple…