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Elevate your skills and get certified as a Network AI Professional

Bootcamp with NVIDIA and Aviz

Generative AI in Networking

Welcome to the Generative AI Bootcamp, designed to empower you with the skills to master and deploy GenAI within networks using open-source LLMs. Dive deep into AI networking, data engineering, and Generative AI use cases to transform network management and efficiency. This comprehensive program includes practical insights into deploying Network Copilot™, understanding AI foundation models, and leveraging AI for network compliance, anomaly detection, business analytics, and more. Whether you’re a network professional seeking to advance your career or an enthusiast eager to explore GenAI’s potential in networking, our bootcamp offers the knowledge, tools, and certification to set you on the path to success.



Earn your Aviz Certified Network AI Professional certification by mastering GenAI basics, understanding RoCE intricacies, and gaining hands-on experience with Network Copilot™.

Who should attend?

This bootcamp is ideal for network professionals, and anyone keen on using open-source LLMs for networking innovation.


Learn from industry experts Khurram Khani and Madhu Paluru, who have extensive experience in data networking, cloud technologies, and open source.

Khurram Khani, VP of Customer Success, Aviz Networks

Khurram Khani is a technology leader with 20yrs of experience in Data Networking, Cloud and Open Source. His leadership in large-scale data center transformations demonstrates his ability to navigate complex technical environments and drive successful implementations. Currently, he is at the helm of Customer Success at Aviz, where he plays a crucial role in making SONiC/ Open Networking and generative AI technologies accessible to a broad audience.

Madhu Paluru, Director of Engineering, Aviz Networks

Madhu is a distinguished technology leader with a rich history spanning over two decades in Cloud, Data Networking, and Open Source. Currently spearheading the development of a cutting-edge Gen AI-powered Network 3.0 stack at Aviz, he holds a pivotal role in democratizing Open Networking and generative AI technologies for a wider audience. In addition to his role at Aviz, Madhu serves as a respected moderator for the SONiC community. Engaging daily with SONiC customers and developers, his extensive industry experience, spanning decades, has empowered him to train over 100 engineers within the ecosystem. Madhu’s commitment extends beyond individual skill development; he actively contributes to creating more SONiC professionals and assists companies globally in optimizing their utilization of this transformative technology. His leadership is marked by a passion for innovation, collaborative community engagement, and a steadfast dedication to advancing the capabilities of Open Networking.

Matt Harmanson, Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA

Matt Hermanson is a seasoned Technical Marketing Engineer within Enterprise Products at NVIDIA, specializing in the development of cutting-edge Enterprise AI computing solutions across diverse industries. With a wealth of experience, Matt has a background working closely with both public and private sector organizations to facilitate the adoption of pioneering technologies.

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Generative AI in Networking

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