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Join our AI-Driven Networking Bootcamp with Aviz and TensorWave

Master AI-Driven Networking:  Deep Dive into AI Fabrics, RoCE, Generative AI & Certification

AI in Networking Bootcamp: Presented by Aviz Networks with Key Insights from Our Customer, TensorWave. Join us for an immersive experience where you’ll gain cutting-edge skills in AI-driven networking. The bootcamp opens with a deep dive into TensorWave’s real-world application of AI fabrics, showcasing their strategies in design, management, and future expansions.

Continue your learning with Aviz Networks as we cover the essentials of RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) and demonstrate how to engineer robust, vendor-independent AI fabrics. Explore how Generative AI is revolutionizing network management, with practical uses demonstrated through tools like Network Copilot.

The session culminates with a detailed look at Aviz Networks’ AI networking certification, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in AI fabrics and generative AI applications.

Gain real-time insights from our customer, TensorWave, who recently implemented AI in their network. Their experience with AI can provide valuable information about the practical applications of this technology in networking.



Earn your Aviz Certified Network AI Professional certification by mastering GenAI basics, understanding RoCE intricacies, and gaining hands-on experience with Network Copilot™.

Who should attend?

This bootcamp is ideal for network professionals, and anyone keen on using open-source LLMs for networking innovation.


Learn from industry expert Madhu Paluru, who have extensive experience in data networking, cloud technologies, and open source.

Darrick Horton, Founder and CEO at TensorWave | AI Compute, Cloud, Datacenter

Darrick Horton is the dynamic Founder and CEO of TensorWave, a pioneering force in AI compute, cloud, and datacenter solutions. Leveraging AMD’s Instinct™ MI300X accelerators, TensorWave is revolutionizing AI workloads by enabling seamless scalability from 8 to 80 GPUs on a single node, without requiring code changes. Horton’s visionary leadership propels TensorWave to redefine industry standards and drive innovation in AI computing.

Madhu Paluru, Director of Engineering, Aviz Networks

Madhu is a distinguished technology leader with a rich history spanning over two decades in Cloud, Data Networking, and Open Source. Currently spearheading the development of a cutting-edge Gen AI-powered Network 3.0 stack at Aviz, he holds a pivotal role in democratizing Open Networking and generative AI technologies for a wider audience. In addition to his role at Aviz, Madhu serves as a respected moderator for the SONiC community. Engaging daily with SONiC customers and developers, his extensive industry experience, spanning decades, has empowered him to train over 100 engineers within the ecosystem. Madhu’s commitment extends beyond individual skill development; he actively contributes to creating more SONiC professionals and assists companies globally in optimizing their utilization of this transformative technology. His leadership is marked by a passion for innovation, collaborative community engagement, and a steadfast dedication to advancing the capabilities of Open Networking.

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Master AI-Driven Networking:  Deep Dive into AI Fabrics, RoCE, Generative AI & Certification

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