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Network Copilot™

Your Gen AI-Powered Assistant

Spend time on what matters most to you and leave the mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming work to AI. Network Copilot puts AI to work for you, in use cases where it’s easy and most effective to start.

Network Copilot is Designed for Modern Enterprise Requirements

Secure and Flexible Deployment

Keep your data safe with on-prem deployments requiring no intern.

Innovative and Cost-Effective

Open-source LLMs provide rapid innovation at a low cost, making advanced network management accessible and affordable without needing a team of data scientists.


Enjoy the freedom to innovate with a solution designed to work across diverse network environments, freeing you from proprietary hardware restrictions.

Long-term ROI

Network Copilot™ is a sustainable investment, offering long-term returns by building open, flexible network infrastructures that grow with your needs.

Key Benefits

Key Use Cases

Real-time Network Insights

This feature allows users to generate a custom dashboard by simply asking Network Copilot to draw a chart - it helps to remove the need of making and maintaining a custom UI. This foundational capability comes handy for a variety of use cases such as active troubleshooting, correlated data across multiple toolsets, root cause analysis reporting, generating reports, version management, patch management, EOL updates etc.

Network Upgrade Check Per Device

This use case allows users to check if any planned upgrade went fine or not - without using any scripts. It helps to remove the need of making and maintaining any custom scripts saving a ton on this opex. This use case works by training a LLM on health data of an operational network and then cross checking it with recently upgraded scripts.

Network Compliance

AI is not one size fits all, every customer has different needs and Network Copilot is designed to work as per your compliance parameters. Network copilot continuously assess your networks for your operational, security and user defined compliances and conversationally provides you insights into the part of your networks which are falling out of compliance and generate reports. With underline closed loop automation, the mitigation is just one click away. The continuous monitoring for compliances not only help to keep your networks in check, but it also reduce the operational time an Engineer spends to manually monitoring - providing a ROI.

Network Capacity Planning

The prediction engine of Network copilot can predict the capacity for your network usage and can help you plan for understanding your network behavior to keep your demands align with your supply. This insights helps you to plan your budget better, bringing in implicit financial discipline which is highly aligned with actual usage of your networks. The prediction engine can be used in variety of other different use cases as well.

Network Configuration Generator

Generative AI is best used for generating content, and Network copilot uses LLMs to generate contextual IAC (infra as a code) templates just by giving a simple command. This use cases not only helps save enormous amount of time for automation engineers to write IAC from scratch,  but it also brings the standardization in the templates across all of the team.

Few more upcoming use cases

Network Audit Reports

Reduce the workload of recurring audit reports across multi-vendor networks and integrate with customer tools for enhanced automation.

Network Performance Monitoring

Data ingestion from multi-tool data sources and correlate data to deliver insights in real time.

How to start?

AI is already here, so don’t wait until tomorrow. Call us today!

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Network Copilot™ Your Gen AI-Powered Assistant Spend time on what matters most to you and leave the mundane, repetitive, and…