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The New way for Network Application & Traffic Intelligence

Transition from bundled proprietary service nodes to open and flexible

Unlock unparalleled network application efficiency with Aviz Service Nodes – seamlessly integrating with your preferred packet broker networks, designed to operate on general-purpose hardware, and offering significant savings on service nodes. This innovation enables the optimal performance while eliminating any depeneency on vendor specific hardware solution removing any future budget spike with network speed upgrades.

Why Aviz Service Nodes

Open for Integration

Easy integration with open-source and commercial tools for performance and security analytics.

Data Driven and AI-Ready

AI-Enabled application Data-driven networking for 5G deployments.

Improved price and performance ratio

Allows for the choice of commodity servers and NICs to leverage available speeds (from 10GbE to 100GbE).

50% TCO Savings

Software defined ASN solution on Commodity Servers eliminates proprietary part significantly reducing the CapEx and OpEx.

Service Nodes Capabilities

Aviz Service Node delivers a robust suite of capabilities designed for the dynamic needs of modern telecommunications networks. At its core, it offers comprehensive metadata extraction for 4G-LTE, 5G-NSA, and 5G-C interfaces, ensuring critical insights across various network types. It excels in correlation analysis for LTE and 5G-NSA, utilizing protocols such as S11 (GTP-C) and S1-U (GTP-U), and for 5G-SA through N4 (PFCP) and N3 (GTP-U), including advanced correlations with N11 (SBI-HTTP2) for a holistic network understanding.

Key to maintaining network integrity and performance, our solution includes application identification, sophisticated load balancing, and efficient packet handling through decapsulation and header stripping. It emphasizes high availability and redundancy to ensure continuous network operations, seamlessly exporting metadata in JSON format to Kafka for effortless integration and analytics.

Management and maintenance are streamlined through a comprehensive suite of management functions, including CLI, SNMP, API, NTP, and GUI, catering to a broad range of operational preferences and ensuring that network administrators have full control over their environment. This combination of features makes our product not just a solution but a transformational tool for telecom networks, driving efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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The New way for Network Application & Traffic Intelligence Transition from bundled proprietary service nodes to open and flexible Unlock…